Is it a sin not to care much about mangoes :) ?

Answer Well, you ought to care how a man goes... we have feelings too know and we only seek to please.

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How to Dry Mangoes?

Drying foods at home gives you the chance to control what ingredients go into your food, and moderate the added sugar that accompanies many store-bought dried fruits. Mangoes are an excellent candi... Read More »

How to Store Mangoes?

Mangoes are often available in large amounts when in season and it can be tempting to buy a boxful when they are at a bargain price. However, you must take into account your ability to consume them... Read More »

How to Ripen Mangoes?

Mangoes are a tropical fruit high in fiber and low in calories. The fruit grows on trees that can grow as tall as 60 feet (.30 m) high. A quality source of fiber and vitamin C, these fruits are a n... Read More »

Who likes mangoes?

maybe better to ask:who doesnt like mangoes?I think most people just love them!