Is it a sin for Catholic men to see women in bikinis at the beach?

Answer On One Hand: Bikinis Are Frowned Upon by the Catholic ChurchWhen the modern bikini was invented in the 1940s, many Catholic nations including Italy, Spain and Portugal banned the swimwear completel... Read More »

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Can women wear thong bikinis at the beach in South Carolina?

Thong bikinis are banned on some beaches in South Carolina, such as those in the tourist mecca of Myrtle Beach and the smaller Isle of Palms just off the coast. However, many South Carolina beaches... Read More »

Why do you think men think women who wear bikinis sexy but women don't think so about men who wear speedos?

Because men were made visual and women are not. Women are relational, so nice guys are attractive to us (and their looks, too, but it's not based primarily off of that)

Should a non-Catholic be buried with Catholic rosary beads?

On One Hand: A Matter of PreferenceA rosary is a string of beads, at the end of which is a crucifix. It has been used for centuries by Catholics, and more recently even Protestants, to track their ... Read More »

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