Is it a sign of pregnancy if a long-time smoker feels like she is going to throw up every time she has a cigarette?

Answer well sweety it could be a sign. When i was pregnant i knew right away because every time i was going to smoke a cig i felt like throwing up. i hope this helps but you should do a pregnancy test.

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Is yellow green discharge a sign of pregnancy. It smells but just a little bit and it feels like im going to have my period. Although im not due for a long time?

It is more likely that you have an infection - you need to go and see the doctor

Could it be a sign of pregnancy if a woman feels tired and urinates frequently the day after she's had sex for the first time?

Answer You will not feel symptoms the day after intercourse, as it can take several days to a week for the egg and sperm to meet up. However, it IS entirely possible to get pregnant the first time,... Read More »

First time weed long will it stay in my system?

I know alot about weed, and have been smoking for years. Weed can take 30 days to get out of my system because I smoke every day. For you since you do not smoke very often and didn't smoke very muc... Read More »

Is being cold all the time a sign of pregnancy?

it could be, because many pregnant women body temperatures increase