Is it a problem if i drink 6-10 beers every night?

Answer I am appaled and outraged at everyone who thinks this is a problem! NO, drinking 6-10 beers a night is NOT a problem. Yes, you may be a drunk, or even an alcoholic, but this question is WAY to va... Read More »

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Would drinking 3 bottles of white wine each night be considered a drink problem?

Not for six people, no. For one person, s h i t, yes.

Would it be a bad idea for me to drink 2 beers?

Yes it is safe to have a beer or two. As for the anxiety see a medical professional and perhaps it can be tamed with counseling and/or medication. No need to go through life with that damn conditio... Read More »

If i drink 10x 4% beers, how much ml is this in 40% vodka?

It is equal to 440mL of vodka0.04 x 440mL = 17.6mL17.6 x 10 = 1760.4 x 440mL = 176mLOr just look at the problem. The beers are 4% the vodka is 40%, so the vodka is 10x stronger. You drink 10 440mL ... Read More »

How many beers do you drink on a weekend?

Depends.. what's a goin on.. how hot it is.. Say ,, there's nothing goin on and it's hot.. A case(24) + I LOVE BEER!!!