Is it a online college cheaper than campus?

Answer Tuition typically varies by college (either online or on campus) and by specific programs. My advice would be to contact specific schools to find out directly from them how much a specific program ... Read More »

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Why Apple online store sells iPAD and its accessories cheaper than any other online store like eBay or Amazon?

The Apple price is the right price. Sellers on eBay and Amazon are overcharging so as to cash in on the current demand for the iPad. Also if Apple sold the iPad for their price, ebay or Amazon woul... Read More »

Which is more expensive: living on campus or off campus (college)?

It is far more expensive to live on campus than off.For example, I will be attending the University of Maryland this fall. Off campus costs are around $8,000. However, on-campus will cost over $20,... Read More »

Is booking airline tickets online cheaper than a travel agent?

Booking airline tickets may or may not be cheaper than buying them through a travel agent. Online websites may also have booking fees, and the prices of tickets may not be cheaper than those offere... Read More »

Is an online university more expensive than an on-campus university?

While the cost of tuition varies among both online and campus-based universities, online schools are generally less expensive. This is because online schools eliminate the costs of housing, meal pl... Read More »