In what regards does a landline telephone have an advantage over a cell phone or mobile phone?

Answer Well i don't know if you live in New York but If something like (god forbid) 9/11 or the blackout happened again having a land line would be help full because that's the only phone that will work. ... Read More »

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If you have a cell phone, have you ditched your landline yet?

Yes. Here, a landline costs 30$ per month and it was just extra cost, especially since the only thing that came in was a bunch of faxes to the wrong number. It was also the cheapest possible plan... Read More »

Can you port a landline number to a cell phone?

You can port a landline number to a cell phone. The cell phone service provider takes care of the process for you. It usually takes seven to ten business days to complete.References:Jeremiah Nelson... Read More »

How to Set Up Voice Mail on a Cell Phone From a Landline?

Most cellular users opt to set up their voicemail from their cellphone, but you do have the option of setting it up from a landline instead. Most cellular carriers charge prepaid users for accessin... Read More »

Can I change a cell phone to a landline number?

Keeping a phone number when you change service providers is known as porting. The same rules apply to both landline and cell phone numbers. Phone number portability may be limited by location, and ... Read More »