Is it a idea to buy a computer on eBay or is it better to buy new if you can?

Answer Get a new one. I even bought one on the manufacturers web site. I got exactly what I wanted and the price was reasonable. Best buy is good too.

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Is it a good idea to buy a comp on Ebay or is it better to but new if you can?

I would recommend a cheap new computer over one off eBay.

Is is a bad idea to buy a cell phone off of Ebay?

There are sellers on ebay with 50,000 transactions and 98% positive favorability. I've bought 4. One was bad, and the seller replaced it with an even nicer one within 2 days. If the seller has lots... Read More »

Is it a good idea or bad idea to leave your computer on all the time_?

I have a server and my computer. Both are left on 24/7 unless I go on vacation. just reboot them occasionally.It is not possible to "waste" electricity. you either use it or do not use it.I am a IT... Read More »

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