Is it a good investment to have window and door casings?

Answer On One Hand: They Finish the ProjectWindow and door casings hide the gap between a new window or door and the existing drywall in a room. This makes them a necessary investment to finish the overal... Read More »

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Do you paint the door casings before the walls?

On One Hand: Walls Are the Main AttractionIt feels great to be done with the biggest part of the painting job, the walls, so why not paint them first? If you're careful to let the walls dry thoroug... Read More »

How to Install Baseboards & Door Casings?

Door casing covers the gap between the door jambs and the finished walls. Baseboards do the same thing for the gaps between floors and walls. The moldings are more than aesthetic trim; they help st... Read More »

How to Install Door Casings & Rosettes Using Glue?

Door casings are the trim moldings surrounding the door opening. Think of the door casing as a picture frame around the door opening or icing around a cake. Rosettes are round carved blocks that ar... Read More »

Is a fixed annuity a good investment?

On One Hand: Fixed Annuities Are Good InvestmentsA fixed annuity is a contract between an owner and insurance company that accumulates cash value on a tax-deferred basis. The annuity avoids probate... Read More »