Is it a good idea to put aquatic plants in a 2-acre fish pond?

Answer On One Hand: Beneficial Native Plants Promote BalanceBeneficial native aquatic plants provide nutrients, preserve habitat and protect waterways. Food is provided for fish and other wildlife by thes... Read More »

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Half-Acre Fish Pond Treatment?

A half-acre fish pond has a surface area of approximately 21,760 feet. If the pond is just 5 feet deep, this means that there is over 100,000 cubic feet of water in your pond. Since 1 cubic foot co... Read More »

What kind of aquatic plants and fish live in ponds?

Ponds make very habitable ecosystems for some interesting plants and fish due to the availability of food and abundant shelter.Floating PlantsSome pond plants float with large surface areas to maxi... Read More »

What are good pond fish?

Fish that live in backyard ponds must be hardy enough to endure varying seasonal temperatures, quick enough to evade predators such as birds and frogs, and able to thrive on the plants and insect l... Read More »

How to Catch Aquatic Insects in a Pond?

There are many interesting insects that live in a pond. Several of these insects are things you otherwise couldn't catch.