Is it a good idea to invest on condominium hotel?

Answer Good is a judgement and you are the judge.

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Is it a good idea for a condominium to seek a letter of credit?

Not enough information is given to form an answer.Another answer:A letter of credit facilitates spending money quickly, by essentially pre-qualifying for a loan or other monetary assets in another'... Read More »

What is the difference between a hotel and a condominium hotel?

Most commonly, a hotel is owned by a corporate owner who then rents rooms in the property. A condominium hotel could be run like a hotel, but with units -- rooms -- owned by individual owners.

Define condominium hotel?

A condominium hotel is probably a mixed-use high-rise building, where the lower floors are a commercial hotel and the upper floors are condominium units.

How to Merchant or Invest / Money Make on Habbo Hotel?

Here is a cool and simple guide on how to merchant (or make money) invest on Habbo Hotel UK. NOTE: Hasn't been tested in the Habbo Hotel in the US