Is it a good idea to download Limewire will it cause any probs 2 the system ?

Answer sorry...i dunno...but - can i get my point now?

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Is limewire a good idea?

EMULE PLUS!!!LimeWire was so popular and so good when it came was already overrated after 3 that everybody's using FrostWire which is the same thing, almost, and soon people w... Read More »

Good music limewire!!?

Ares.Its the best, no viruses, I've had it for two years and it is great.You can download videos too and it is completely free!

Will using Limewire to download files harm my computer?

if you know what you are doing, it's pretty easy to avoid downloading viruses. if you are naive to computers, I don't recommend it. The only 100% safe way is to just suck it up and pay the .99 a so... Read More »

Is a system a restore a good idea to do?

Its always a first and most intelligent option one should adopt when his/her system get stuck or gets some erroneous messages. It will cause no harm as i feel except few extra temporary files will ... Read More »