Is it a good idea to download Limewire will it cause any probs 2 the system ?

Answer sorry...i dunno...but - can i get my point now?

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Is limewire a good idea?

EMULE PLUS!!!LimeWire was so popular and so good when it came was already overrated after 3 that everybody's using FrostWire which is the same thing, almost, and soon people w... Read More »

Good music limewire!!?

Ares.Its the best, no viruses, I've had it for two years and it is great.You can download videos too and it is completely free!

Is a system a restore a good idea to do?

Its always a first and most intelligent option one should adopt when his/her system get stuck or gets some erroneous messages. It will cause no harm as i feel except few extra temporary files will ... Read More »

After you download songs from limewire into your ipod can you delete them from LimeWire?

Answer yes you can, but is a good idea to keep a back up record of the music you download just in case.!!