Is it a good day for cleaning windows?

Answer Thanks a lot for making me look at mine. Arggg! Now I know what I'm going to be doing for a couple hours today.

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I need a good slogan for my Cleaning service the name is Rise"N shine Cleaning?

When I'm Cleaning Windows?

make up a solution of.....1/2 water 1/2 rubbing Alcohol put into a spray bottle....I use it not just on the windows but on my toilet never smells any more and No streaks!

Is ok to have a coffee break when cleaning windows?

only problem i can see is not being able to hold on with both hands while you are up the ladder.lolenjoy the day

Recommended Freeware Cleaning Tools for Windows XP?

Cleaning your PC is necessary if you want to keep it in top operating condition. As you use your computer it will collect many things that will make it run slower. Some of that is necessary, such a... Read More »