Is it a fail on a driving test if you don't check your blind spot when:?

Answer During the driving test you get 7 possible basic control fault points and 8 possible operating fault points, exceed either limit you have failed. These are things such as fail to stop at stop line ... Read More »

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Would you fail someone on their driving test if they splashed a pedestrian whilst driving through a puddle?

If it was done deliberately, or through sheer carelessness, I would take a good look at the person driving if I was the examiner. This may sound trivial and comic, but its actually illegal as other... Read More »

Trouble checking blind spot while driving?

The first step is to adjust the rear-view mirror to do exactly that - give you a view directly to the rear. Position it so that it best covers your view straight out the rear window. Don't bother t... Read More »

If You Fail the Driving Test Once, Will Your Insurance Increase?

Failing the driving portion of your driver's license test one time will not have any impact on your insurance rates. Failing the driving test does not have any serious problems associated with it a... Read More »

When turning right at a stop sign (in a neighborhood), do you need to check your blind spot...?

How about motorcycles.? Motorized wheelchairs? Courier bikes? They pass on the right. Basically you will be the one in do-do if there is a crash.