Is it a criminal offense to vandalize a Wikipedia page ?

Answer It depends on the nature of the vandalism and on the relevant laws. If the vandalism is defamatory, then it could be a criminal offense in some jurisdictions. Other possibly-criminal types of van... Read More »

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How do you mass vandalize wikipedia?

I don't know but it sounds like a lot of fun. Good luck with that! ;)

Should they have a world wide "Vandalize Articles on Wikipedia!!" Day?

No, there should never be such a day.For one thing, it wouldn't even be fun in the first place. The administrators (like me) and other people who run Wikipedia would just have a mildly worse time c... Read More »

Why do people even bother to vandalize Wikipedia or post biased information on it?

Because they get a rise out of changing/vandalizing something that other people will see, which creates a reaction. The major articles will have vanadalism removed within minutes, but smaller artic... Read More »

If we edit a wikipedia page and we add some wrong information in that page,will it be deleted by wikipedia?

More experienced users are notified of changes to pages that relate to their specialty, and they review them accordingly. If your information is simply lacking sources or inaccurate, it can be dele... Read More »