Is it Safe to Use Body Wash on the Face?

Answer Skin care companies have a very good reason for providing the public with different cleansers for the body and for the face. If the wrong product is used on the wrong area of the body, a rash, brea... Read More »

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Can i use irish original body wash on my face or is it only for the body?

this WILL irritated on your face Dont use it has ALOT alcohol this can'stingthis actually a Bad idea use Face toner this will give a fresh feeling on your face.

How to Use Burt's Bees Body Wash on the Face?

Burt's Bees carries a variety of products including face washes, shampoos, conditioners, lip balms and body washes. The company does offer several choices for body washes made with natural ingredie... Read More »

I made my own body wash is this safe?

Every thing in there is a chemical, you idiot.

How to Wash Your Face & Body With Dial Antibacterial Bar Soap?

Since 1940, Dial has marketed antibacterial body soap as a deodorant and cleanser in one. Today, in 2011, Dial produces a variety of perfumed body washes and hand washing soaps as these products re... Read More »