Is it Safe to Set Off Bug Bombs in an Attic?

Answer Bug bombs are also known as total release foggers. These products are used to control insect infestations in many homes and office settings. While bug bombs are easy to use and readily available, t... Read More »

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What is the name of the 90's tv show where a young girl and boy visit their grandmother's attic where they read a magic book that tells them a story in animation and there's also a bear in the attic?

You are not alone! I am looking for this as well! I remember the book would shake and fall off a shelf and they would come in and see the story open on the floor! It is nice to know someone else is... Read More »

Can You Replace an Attic Fan Motor From Inside the Attic?

Attic fans help keep homes cool by collecting warm air and expelling it from the attic. Whether or not you have an air conditioner, an attic fan can be useful. While most attic fans never require s... Read More »

Who set off the bombs in Boston?

How many types of bombs does US have?

If the adverse actions are Article 15, it could be as long as 30 days (as far as I recall). If this is Courts Martial, lengthy investigations can precede any action. More detail would be necessar... Read More »