Is it Okay for a non-Diabetic to eat diabetic foods?

Answer Glucerna shakes are meal replacements. They're not really that special. They do have sugar in them. They have about the same amount of carbs as an equal amount of juice, but they advertise that ... Read More »

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Needing some serious answers and help on diabetic questions.My mom is a diabetic and has been for years.?

There is no "One size fits all" diet plan for those of us with diabetes.Your Mom's needs are different than mine.She will work with her endo, dietitian and diabetes educator to find out what plan i... Read More »

Being diabetic, what foods can I eat, or not eat anymore?

You have to keep your carbohydrates lower. Eat only whole grains. Limit fruits. Eat lots of fresh and cooked vegetables. Eat fish. You already know that u cannot eat sweets. Also eat foods rich in ... Read More »

If a diabetic and a non-diabetic ate exactly the same and did the same exercise, who would gain more weight?

if the diabetic was untreated (or inadequately treated), the non-diabetic would gain more weight. if the diabetic was adequately treated, they would gain the same amount of weight.

How bad is sugary junk foods for a diabetic?

Your worrying is correct!! It is very bad for him. BUT!!!there is not much you can do about it. This is like an alcoholic finally deciding to quit drinking and going to AA meetings. HE has to want ... Read More »