Is it OK to write on skin with ink?

Answer On One Hand: Ink Can be Harmful in Massive QuantitiesInk contains poisons that if absorbed in massive quantities can lead to ink poisoning. Ink poisoning is caused by ingesting ink orally, rather t... Read More »

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Can skin cancer be caused my writing on your skin with marker?

Yes its true you are damaging your skin with the chemicals in the ink and putting them into your skin please stop otherwise you might get skin cancer

Have you tried this for your skin (helps with acne and oily skin, dry patches)?

I think you're right about the glycerine soap. Being a guy I find this soap is alright. If I have some dry skin, after shave gel seems good too, zingy and cool.I might try that olive-oil if it help... Read More »

Skin Care for Mature Skin With Slight Acne?

Most skin care designed for mature skin is to counteract, slow and reduce the signs of aging. For anyone who has mature skin along with slight acne, finding the perfect skin care can be a challeng... Read More »

Do people with dark skin get burnt as easily as people with pale skin?

No, people with dark skin don't burn as others have stated. However there is an interesting flip side to this as the sun also provides vitamin D which the body needs. The melanin in dark skin is a ... Read More »