Is it OK to swim while treating a vaginal yeast infection?

Answer On One Hand: Exercise Helps Dispel ToxinsExercise when you're treating a vaginal yeast infection can help dispel toxins from the body, promoting further healing. Swimming itself will not worsen a y... Read More »

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Can a vaginal yeast infection disappear on its own?

According to TeenHealthFX, a vaginal yeast infection will not disappear on its own. If you have a yeast infection, you will typically need treatment with an antifungal medication. You should see a ... Read More »

Women'sHealthvey: Why are there 472 different options for treating a yeast infection!!!?

Yogurt. It it AND shove it up the pootang, it'll be cured in 24 hours. Uhm...plain. Don't be getting the fruit on the bottom because, trust me, you don't want fruit on your bottom dur... Read More »

Can a yeast infection cause vaginal sores?

Yeast infections do not cause sores to form on the labia or in the vaginal area. Excessive scratching of the sensitive and swollen area may cause cuts, but this would be the only reason for sores o... Read More »

Can vaginal herpes be mistaken for a yeast infection?

Vaginal herpes and yeast infections share similar symptoms such as vaginal burning, discharge and a foul vaginal odor. Since they both share similar symptoms, vaginal herpes can be mistaken for a y... Read More »