Is it OK to put nail polish on your nails while pregnant?

Answer go to the doctor. this is an important time in your life, and your new baby's. don't ruin it over your nails, or trust anyone's anonymouse opinion you might read online.

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Is nail polish safe while pregnant?

If you are in a well ventilated area then yes- it is fine to pain nails :) mine are bright pink!

Is sniffing nail polish remover while pregnant harmful to the baby?

How to Put Nail Polish on Your Dog's Nails?

Nail polish is not only for humans but for dogs too! Here's how to give your dog a manicure. Please note a moderate amount of dog training is required.

How can you get nail polish residue under your nails off?

use that sharp cleaning thing but you should put a cotton on the tip of the sharp cleaning thing then soak it in a nail polish remover. that will help you remove it