Is it OK to email the corporate recruiter after my interview?

Answer On One Hand: Emails Are Quick and EfficientThe experts behind "Excellence in Business Communications" suggest you send a thank-you message to recruiters within two days after an interview. The writ... Read More »

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Should I Send a Thank-You Email After an Interview?

A computer is designed to operate quite effectively as a stand-alone device. However, users can add certain components to a PC to enhance its functionality. This is often done through the use of ex... Read More »

Corporate Recruiter Careers?

Corporate recruiters play matchmaker for employers and job seekers, helping companies identify talented and available candidates. It's an in-demand career, driven in part by a tighter job market, i... Read More »

Corporate Recruiter Training?

Corporate recruiters, typically internal company employees (instead of an external agency employee) conduct interviews with job applicants to determine if the applicant's skills and experience matc... Read More »

Is it better to send a thank you email or handwritten thank you note after a job interview?

On One Hand: A Handwritten Note Is More Personal.Send a handwritten thank you note if the job interview and your relationship with the interviewer demands a more personal touch. This rule might app... Read More »