Is it OK to breed a dog that takes thyroid medication?

Answer On One Hand: Thyroid Problems Are Genetically TransmittedAs Drs. Nachreiner, Bowman, Refsal, Graham, and Bolliger of the Animal Health Diagnostic Laboratory at Michigan University note, both hypoth... Read More »

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For those who are taking thyroid medication for an underactive thyroid what strength of medication are you on?

I'm om Armour thyroid and take 180 mg's. I've been on this dose for 4 years now. You'll get on the correct dose quicker if you always test first thing in the morning. Your med is in mcg's, so you... Read More »

What are some good supplements that will take place of my thyroid medication?

Iodine rich kelp can help as in… One tablet a day is all you need.

Is there a good OTC medication for earaches that takes care of all the symptoms?

Put a few drops of Hydrogen Peroxide in the affected ear, and keep your head tilted while it fizzes for about two minutes. That will help to clean/dry out the ear. GENTLY swab out the ear to get ... Read More »

Could I still have a thyroid problem if the thyroid levels are normal?

On One Hand: Thyroid Tests Are Not SubjectiveThyroid problems are a common issue among many people, especially as they age. A doctor who suspects thyroid problems will typically order a simple bloo... Read More »