Is it OK to Run My Engine When it Is Low in Oil?

Answer Most vehicle owners know the importance of regularly having an oil change done. However, just driving with low oil levels can have dire consequences for your vehicle's engine. When possible, it's a... Read More »

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Why Won't the Engine Coolant Go Back Into the Radiator When the Engine Cools Down?

A car's radiator does its job of cooling the engine by forcing the coolant/water mixture through the cooling system and into the engine in a cycle, bringing the coolant temperature down before cycl... Read More »

1994 Pontiac Grand-AM with a Quad 4 What if the engine seems to hesitate when going up hills or accellerating at a normal rate Not flooring accellerator In park engine reves up and down?

When to Rebuild or Replace an Engine?

How do you define a "new" engine versus one that's been rebuilt? Technically, the only "new" engines out there use factory-fresh engine blocks and parts that have never seen the light of day outsid... Read More »

Engine Stalls When Warming Up?

Cars are made up of so many electrical parts that it can be difficult and confusing to diagnose a problem and narrow it down to one particular cause. There are a few reasons why your car engine is ... Read More »