Is it OK for other people to put photos of your children on Facebook?

Answer none....................................…

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Can people tell when you look at their photos on facebook?

Pure, creepy, coincidence.Facebook does not allow any type of tracking devices on their site since they violate their Privacy Policy, so there's no way any of the girls could have known you were lo... Read More »

FaceBook: In the last 45 minutes more than 50 people Liked my photos...?

facebook changed... all of your profile photos are public nowyou can set them to private one by one if you want tho

HOw do I keep people from tagging their selves in my photos on Facebook?

Go to privacy settings>> Timeline & Tagging>> make the last option as "no one". then no one can tag your photos

How can you make it so that photos that people 'like' don't appear on your facebook timeline?

there is no way to turn that feature off, because that's the whole reason for using facebook in the first place, to share your activity with your friendsthe only way to prevent it is to add individ... Read More »