Is it OK for a pregnant woman to have a sip of wine?

Answer Different countries say different things different years lol but half a glass of wine wont hurt. Here in Europe they've told us that a pregnant woman can drink half a glass of wine a day without to... Read More »

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Is it safe for a woman who weighs 24 pounds to have a 750 ml bottle of wine every night?

i think a woman who weighs 24 lbs wouldn't have the strength to lift a glass of wine let alone swallow it

Is it ok to have sex on top of a pregnant woman?

Can you have a glass of red wine while pregnant?

On One Hand: A Small Amount May Be OKPregnant woman can safely drink one small glass of wine, about 4 ounces or less a day after the first trimester, according to the National Institute for Health ... Read More »

Do you have to serve pregnant woman in a bar?

nonetheless as long as you reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.. u can refuse it...From a legal and moral-ethical stand point you should refuse. A person that drinks alcohol while prgnan... Read More »