Is it OK for a boy teenager to wear his teenagers sisters bra?

Answer only if your sisters gone, your doors locked, and your windows covered.... and make sure no one bugged your room. Even though this is plan A you should discuss this with your sister if you are goin... Read More »

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Why do sisters mostly get along with their sisters' husbands and will be glad to see their sisters happy with their husbands but same sisters mostly trouble their brothers' wives and jealous of them?

The generalization implied in this question is over broad. While some sisters may be jealous of their brothers' wives others are not and get along with them very well. People get jealous for many r... Read More »

Is it alright for a guy to wear his sisters clothing?

I don't see anything wrong with it, but why would you want to wear a bra? They are uncomfortable to me. You should make sure your sister doesn't mind though, definitely tell her if she doesn't know... Read More »

How old should a teenager be to wear a thong?

No. You should be at least 27. Go play with your Barbie

Should you let your teenager wear diapers with they want to?

Yes I don't see why not. If they need to because they wet the bed take them to the doctor to find out what is wrong.