Is it Legal to Shoot Guns on Government Land in Texas?

Answer In order to hunt on public land in Texas, you must have a permit. These permits entitle the holder to hunt in certain designated areas controlled by the Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife. Targ... Read More »

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Are stun guns legal in Texas?

As of 2010, stun guns are legal in Texas. There are no restrictions in handling this defense weapon. Please note, individuals who takes a stun gun from a law enforcement officer are guilty of a fel... Read More »

Are pellets guns& BB guns illegal in Texas?

Pellet guns and BB guns are legal in Texas. According to the National Rifle Association, both handguns and longguns can be purchased in Texas with no waiting period and without a license or permit ... Read More »

How far can stun guns shoot?

Most stun guns, also known as tasers, have a range of up to 35 feet. The Taser X26, a popular stun gun used in law enforcement, uses compressed nitrogen to fire a distance of 35 feet.Source:Taser X26

How far can paintball guns shoot?

Paintball guns are designed to fire at a maximum muzzle velocity of 300 feet per second. If held parallel with the ground and fired, a paintball will travel approximately 300 feet before gravity pu... Read More »