Is it Legal to Schedule an Employee With Less Than 12 Hours Between Shifts?

Answer The federal Fair Labor Standards Act determines most federal laws that govern the relationship between workers and employers. Written to provide basic protections against abusive workplace situatio... Read More »

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How many hours are required between work shifts?

No federal laws limit the hours per day for workers over the age of 18. Because there is no limit on how much employees can work, there is no national requirement for the duration of breaks betwee... Read More »

Oregon Labor Laws on Hours Between Shifts?

Many positions in Oregon involve a split-shift where several hours are worked, then a few hours elapse before completing the work day. While paid rest periods are mandatory while on duty, and unpa... Read More »

Indiana Labor Laws for the Minimum Number of Hours Off Between Shifts?

As a right-to-work state, Indiana's labor laws are designed to protect the freedom of employers to manage their workers as they need in the course of doing business, and Indiana does not regulate i... Read More »

Can I get rid of a black eye in less than 24 hours?

Unfortunately, no, you just have to wait it out and let the hemoglobin completely breakdown. When it does begin to breakdown it will begin to change colors, so tomorrow, instead of being dark blue/... Read More »