Is it Legal to Copy this Website?

Answer No, what you're planning on doing is perfectly legal. Currently drawing styles cannot be copyrighted because the way a person expresses themselves cannot be legal copyrighted as intellectual prope... Read More »

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Is it legal to copy info from wikipedia on your own profit based website?

No, it's not. It's illegal if you don't have an agreement or license with the authors whose work you're copying.Though it's possible you might get away with it if the authors whose work you copy wi... Read More »

Is it legal to copy XP CD?

On One Hand: It is Legal to Copy a XP CDCopying the Windows XP installation disc to your local computer or to another CD is well within the terms set forth in the Microsoft End User License Agreeme... Read More »

How to Copy a Website?

Learning how to code websites in HTML and CSS can be a long and arduous process, especially if you are trying to teach yourself from scratch. While you can buy books that will walk you through the ... Read More »

How to Copy an FLV From a Website?

Flash videos are becoming increasingly popular on the Internet. Several video-streaming websites like YouTube, Vimeo or Ustream embed video content in Flash (.flv, or FLV) format. You may want to d... Read More »