Is it Good to Drain All of Your Savings When Trying to Get Out of Debt?

Answer When people make a commitment to get out of debt, they are often tempted to use all of their savings to pay off their debtors. While this might be a quick way to get out of debt, it is not always t... Read More »

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Should I Pay Off Debt or Increase My Savings?

The Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in nursing is one of the career pathways to becoming a registered nurse, the largest health care occupation. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employ... Read More »

Are you better off paying off credit card debt or leaving the money in a savings account?

On One Hand: Debt Is Expensive.The typical credit card charges you an annual interest rate far higher than the interest you receive for keeping money in a savings account--often 10 times as high, o... Read More »

Is debt consolidation or debt relief a good idea?

On One Hand: Reduce or Minimize Your BillsDebt relief and debt consolidation programs offer to reduce monthly bills, or eliminate certain debts completely. Total Debt Relief is one company that mak... Read More »

Why is it good to have a savings account?

One of the basic parts of any financial plan is to have a savings account. These accounts are safe, accessible and can earn money just by having money in it.Easy AccessMoney can be deposited and wi... Read More »