Is it Dangerous To Have Multiple Plug Extenders?

Answer YES! Think of it like this: you may have plenty of sockets on tap now, but how do you think all that power is going to run through (ultimately) that one socket on the wall, without blowing your bre... Read More »

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How to Use Multiple Linksys Range Extenders?

Linksys does not offer an easy way to convert a router into a range extender. A range extender connects to your main router's Wi-Fi signal and reproduces that signal to widen the range of Wi-Fi in ... Read More »

Can I plug a multiple outlet on a voltage convertor?

You could only run them both IF YOU USE A STEP DOWN TRANSFORMER to convert 220V to 110V and the transformer MUST be capable of handling the load current, in theory, you could connect both devices i... Read More »

Is it better to have multiple channels or one channel with multiple playlists?

I recommend you separate the videos you submit with playlists. This allows you to gather more views and become better known. Because more subscribers and channel views people can find your videos e... Read More »

Does a dishwasher have a 110v plug or 220v plug?

In 110v countries, it's got a 110v plug--the motor and heater in a dishwasher aren't very large, and the unit runs fine on 110v. In 220v countries, naturally the appliance runs on 220v.