Is isopropyl alcohol polar or nonpolar?

Answer Isopropyl alcohol is polar, like all alcohols. The polarity is due to the bond between oxygen and hydrogen, or the hydroxyl group, which increases boiling point as well as solubility in water.Sourc... Read More »

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Is isopropyl alcohol a polar substance?

Like all other alcohols, isopropyl alcohol contains a hydroxyl group (an oxygen-hydrogen group) covalently bonded to a carbon atom. The oxygen atom is much more electronegative than the hydrogen at... Read More »

Is HCN polar or nonpolar?

Hydrogen cyanide, or HCN, represents a polar molecule because the nitrogen atom, N, possesses high electronegativity, drawing electrons away from the C and H atoms toward the N bond. This results i... Read More »

Is car wax polar or nonpolar?

Car wax is a nonpolar substance. Water is a polar substance, and the car wax will repel the water molecules. As a result, water beads will form on a waxed car.Source:Jax Wax, Professional Strengt... Read More »

Is O2 polar or nonpolar?

Oxygen gas is a non-polar molecule. Because O2 is made up of two identical atoms, the charge is equally distributed over the entire molecule. In a polar molecule such as water, on the other hand, o... Read More »