Is is true if you poke someone in the bellybutton really hard you can kill them?

Answer Hello, i am not sure if you can kill them, i know that it is possible to like put dem in like shock or somthing, i have never heard of somebody dying of that though

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Settle a dispute: Isn't it true that if spurms get in a girls bellybutton they can sink in and get her pregnat?

Only if you drink some Red Bull before doing it wit her, as the spermies need some extra zing in their little spermy tails. It's true and I know it is because I am a doctor of medicine and I got my... Read More »

What is "poke" in facebook I couldnt understand it. If I poke my friend, what happens?

KEEP IT IN THE PANTS MAN!!!No Actually its just a way of getting their attention is all.Good Luck HTH.

I made a 2 layer 9 inch round cake that was like a Poke through Jello type cake and had a hard time removing..?

either get a stiffish round paint brush about an inch across, used for stippling, and use that for greasing your pans with either butter or shortening, then dust them with flour if white or yellow ... Read More »

Is it true dat coke and mentos taken together may kill yuo?

No. And you will not explode either.Was not true of Pop Rocks and Coke 30 yr. ago, not true with Mentos now.