Is is possible to watch a regular movie DVD on my XP Windows computer?

Answer As long as your computer has a dvd-rom drive (or better), it should be able to play dvd's made for dvd players, regardless of the dvd type (dvd+/-r)

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Is it possible to watch a 3D movie at home on a normal TV?

yes, you would need the special glasses and the movie would have to be in 3-D.ALTHOUGH samsung is making a 3-D tvcheck it out:…(btw the tv is later in the ... Read More »

Is it possible to watch tv on my computer monitor?

YES, but there are few scenarios.1) Via PC - you'll need a TV tuner card (PCI, PCIe, PCI-x) and a nearby coax cable that carries your cable signal to connect to the aforementioned card.2) Just usin... Read More »

When the movie Avatar comes out on DVD, will it be possible to watch a 3D version on your home (plasma) tv?

Well with television you are going to run into a problem. In theaters they use polarized 3d. It uses one light wave for the left eye and a different one for the right eye, then each lens blocks a... Read More »

Is It Possible To Delete Windows Movie Maker And Reinstall?

what awesomeness were you about to inflict on the world, darth?i don't know, but there are other movie-makers out there somwhere. perhaps try a different one, or see if there's anywhere that has wi... Read More »