Is is possible to take custody of a nephew from a sister and how costly and hard may it be?

Answer Answer Yes. If there is proof that the child is being neglected or is in some way endangered. The expense and degree of difficulty depends on the situation. For instance if DFS is involved, other r... Read More »

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Is there any possibility of you getting primary custody of your ex-husband's nephew if you've both had legal custody of the child since he was 2 days old and the nephew's mother is in prison?

Answer You will need a good lawyer for this and you will have to prove he's an unfit guardian or father. The courts favor leaving the child with their biological parents(s) if possible. If you're... Read More »

If you are raising your nephew and the mother signed away rights and the father has abandoned the child how hard is it to obtain custody?

Answer In such cases the court prefers to award custody to the nearest relative who is deemed acceptable and willing to take the responsibility. The biological mother could not legally "sign away"... Read More »

How hard is it for a 21-year-old sibling to get custody of her 17-year-old sister?

Answer it would really be dependant on your records and how bad it is for your sister given your age i would think it would be hard

How does an aunt get custody of her nephew if he is in danger?

%REPLIES% Answer contact child protective services in you county. Answer In most states, the 'danger' would need to be established by appropriate authorities. Until then, the aunt would be seen- by... Read More »