Is ipod touch 2g 8gb and 3g 8gb the same?

Answer No, they are not the same. The 3rd generation 8 gigabyte iPod Touch should have a built-in microphone. The 2nd generation does not have a built-in microphone.

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Does an iPod shuffle use the same charger as an iPod touch?

Is an iPhone the same as an iPod touch?

Basically, they're different in some ways.

IPhone 5 & iPod touch 5 same thing?

Basically. They both run apps, are able to go on the internet, etc. They are practically the same. The iphone is only different because it can text, call and use data.

Is the 16GB and the 8GB iPod touch the same thickness?

Yes, the 16GB and 8GB iPod touch are identical in size and thickness.