Is iphone 5 goin to be 4g?

Answer The white iPhone 4, according to Apple specifications, is the same thickness as the black. Although some testers have reported it to be 0.2mm thicker. This is a very small difference and the otterb... Read More »

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What's goin on at Chic Fa La?

Here is a link about the story.…

Goin to washroom at night?

No not at all, i do sometimes. Unless you think your waking up because its the witching hour? Do you think you may have an. Entitty or something paranormal in your house thats waking you up at... Read More »

Goin shop for some booze now, what should I buy?

Strawberry mudshake,malibu,vodka,archers and a few stellas to wash it down

Im not sure if i have diabetes goin to dr on monday but still?

it sounds like diabetes but nobody on here can properly diagnose you without doing tests. Stop worrying about it as that won't help anything.Actually stress can make sugar levels higher im diagnose... Read More »