Is iphone 4 a cdma mobile?

Answer Yeah

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Can you use a Reliance CDMA sim in a GSM mobile?

No you cannot. Although there are some phones that support CDMA aswell as GSM.

Reliance mobile cdma 2g or 3g?

3G stands for 3rd generation of the GSM technology. GSM is global system for mobile communication which connects all mobiles using wireless network. In initial ages GSM technology was only transfe... Read More »

What is the CDMA technology used in Mobile Communication?

Code division multiple access (CDMA) is a form of multiplexing (not a modulation scheme) and a method of multiple access that does not divide up the channel by time (as in time division multiple ac... Read More »

Will iPhone cdma can be use to sprint?

As of right now ONLY AT&T carries the iPhone, they are on Edge coverage. BUT as you have probably heard, Verizon will be releasing the iPhone4 this February 2011. They are on a cdma network, as wel... Read More »