Is insulation needed in basement walls?

Answer On One Hand: Insulating Basement Walls Can Save EnergyProperly insulating your basement walls can reduce heating costs, lower energy consumption and save you money. In colder climates, such as Minn... Read More »

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Is insulation needed in a damp basement?

On One Hand: It Can Take Money Off Your BillsA well-insulated basement costs anywhere from $250 to $450 less in electric bills a year. It can also make the basement a more comfortable space to stay... Read More »

Is exposed insulation in a basement dangerous?

What kind? Friable Asbestos? Yes. Non-friable Asbestos? Not so much, but still not great. Vermiculite? It may or may not contain asbestos. Fiberglass? Mice love it, and it can make dust, and it... Read More »

How to Add Insulation to Exterior Walls?

Adding insulation to exterior walls can reduce the cost of heating and cooling a home by a considerable amount. While the best time to insulate a wall is during construction or when the interior sh... Read More »

How do I know the insulation thickness for walls?

Wall Insulation RecommendationsPlan your exterior building wall insulation based on the recommendations, guidelines and codes established for your particular area. Building insulation requirements ... Read More »