Is insulation needed in a damp basement?

Answer On One Hand: It Can Take Money Off Your BillsA well-insulated basement costs anywhere from $250 to $450 less in electric bills a year. It can also make the basement a more comfortable space to stay... Read More »

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Is insulation needed in basement walls?

On One Hand: Insulating Basement Walls Can Save EnergyProperly insulating your basement walls can reduce heating costs, lower energy consumption and save you money. In colder climates, such as Minn... Read More »

The Causes of Damp Cavity Wall Insulation?

Insulation should never be damp. Water causes wood rot, destroys drywall and promotes mold growth. Damp insulation is a symptom of a problem that should be identified and corrected immediately by f... Read More »

How do I dry out a damp basement after a flood?

Air CirculationIncrease air circulation, and remove air moisture to dry out your basement after a flood. Choose a method that works best in your situation: Open windows and blow air out of the hous... Read More »

How to Treat a Damp Basement Odor?

Mold and mildew, which refer to microscopic fungi, thrive in moist, dark places such as basements. Mold gives off a musty smell and can cause health problems such as coughing or wheezing in some pe... Read More »