Is installing new windows regularly harmful?

Answer no no nothing will happen to your hdd really i also do that

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How do I remove Windows 98 after installing Windows XP?

BackupBefore removing Windows 98, save any personal files to another hard drive or partition, CD or DVD, USB flash drive, etc. With the Windows XP installation CD, you can remove Windows 98 easily,... Read More »

About installing windows 7?

RAM will still be a problem.   Hard drive space may still be a problem -- you don't say what the total size of your hard drives is.  My suspicion is that if you have trouble finding 16 GB of har... Read More »

Installing windows 7 over 8 help?

You won't be able to install Win7 over Win8 but during the Win7 installation screens, there should be a "Custom" option for how you want to install Win7. In there you should be able to completely ... Read More »

Re-installing windows?

I'm doing it around every 3-4 monts as winF***dows is always slowing down after few months