Is ink a mixture or a compound?

Answer Ink is a mixture. Because it is man-made, and because it can come in many different forms and formulas (rather than a fixed ratio of molecules), and because the components of ink can be separated o... Read More »

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Is ink a compound or a mixture?

Ink is a mixture. At the minimum, ink will contain a dye or pigment in addition to a solvent, such as n-butanol or n-propanol. The dye may also be a mixture of more than one chemical compound. In f... Read More »

Is H2O a compound or mixture?

H2O (commonly known as water) is a chemical compound, not a mixture. A compound, such as water, is a substance that consists of two or more different elements that are chemically bonded with a fixe... Read More »

Is glucose a mixture or compound?

Mixtures contain multiple substances that are not bonded to each other and can be separated by physical methods. Compounds contain different atoms that can only be separated using chemical methods.... Read More »

Is pure water a mixture or compound?

Compounds are composed of elements in a fixed proportion and, although they can be broken into their constituent elements, tend to exhibit physical properties (melting point, boiling point, density... Read More »