Is ingesting peroxide dangerous?

Answer Yes. Most is diluted, but if you injested any keep the original container and call 911 or poison emergency 1-800-222-1222 if you're in the US. outside the US call your Emergency number. Don't screw... Read More »

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What is ingesting Borax used for?

While Borax contains a low level of toxins, it is not intended for internal ingestion. While ingesting small amounts of Borax (a teaspoon or less) are not considered harmful, larger amounts can be... Read More »

How can I change my eye color by ingesting ink?

Drink ink and you could end up blinding yourself. If it were as easy to change eye colour as drinking ink do you not think most off us would do it? As we don't it's because it wont work for one, ... Read More »

What will ingesting spoiled Almond Milk do to you?

The Effects of Ingesting Chlorine Bleach?

Marketed under many name brands, chlorine bleach is a common household cleaning product. Elemental chlorine is a gas at room temperature and pressure. Chlorine bleach is produced by chemically brea... Read More »