Is induction cooking bad for food?

Answer On One Hand: Induction Cooking Uses Even and Efficient HeatSpecial cookware is needed to work with induction cook tops, which safely transfer heat without creating a hot cooking surface. You can to... Read More »

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What is an induction cooking element?

An induction cooking element is very different from a gas or electric element--it does not generate heat to the burner. The pan used for cooking the food is the original heat generator.HistoryGas a... Read More »

Electromagnetic Induction Cooking?

Electromagnetic induction cooking is a relatively new method of cooking and preparing foods. These cooktops have no open flames and are extremely safe to work with. In order to cook food, these coo... Read More »

Induction Cooking Tips?

Induction cooktops use magnetic energy to heat food via special coils located directly beneath a smooth cooking surface. While once used primarily in commercial kitchens, the induction stove has be... Read More »

Is induction cooking safe?

On One Hand: Known BenefitsInduction cooking creates heat using magnetic attraction between a specialized cook top and cookware containing magnetic material. This method of cooking permits immediat... Read More »