Is indiana a fault divorce state?

Answer In Indiana a party need not be at fault to file for divorce. The petitioner can file for fault based on any of the following reasons: (1) The conviction of either of the parties of a felony; (2) im... Read More »

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Is VA a fault divorce state?

You can file for divorce on either no-fault or fault grounds in Virginia. Fault grounds include adultery and cruelty, although if you file on cruelty grounds, a final decree won't be granted until ... Read More »

Is Illinois a no-fault divorce state?

Illinois residents can file for a no-fault divorce; however, Illinois is not considered a "pure" no-fault state. Whereas people seeking a no-fault divorce normally are not required to have a waitin... Read More »

Is Oregon a no-fault divorce state?

No-fault divorces are viable options for divorcing couples living in Oregon. No-fault divorces allow a divorcing couple to end their marriage without one party being blamed for the failure of the u... Read More »

Is Florida a no-fault divorce state?

Florida is, in fact, a no-fault divorce state. This allows any party to seek a divorce without the need to prove the reason for the split. For any reason, a married party can simply state the marri... Read More »