Is indexing speed reduced while you use your computer?

Answer In Windows Vista and later, the file indexing feature is engineered to intrude as little as possible into the experience of using the computer. When Windows detects that the computer is in use, the... Read More »

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How to Speed Up Indexing in Outlook 2007?

Microsoft Outlook can speed up your workflow, increasing productivity. But sometimes indexing can lag, causing searches to take longer than usual and the program to slow down. There are several tec... Read More »

How to speed up my computer while gaming..?

For software changes, you can make sure that no programs are running when playing games such as anti viruses, downloaders, etc.As for the hardware, it all depends on your current system. If for exa... Read More »

Can you connect your canon rebel xti to your computer while taking pictures and have them show on the computer screen?

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Name at least six actions you can take to compensate for reduced visibility while driving at night.?

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