Is imagined oppression a mental disorder?

Answer On One Hand: Not a Mental Disorder"Imagined oppression," or the incorrect belief that one is being oppressed by an authority such as the government, one's employer or society at large, is not a men... Read More »

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If a person with a severe mental disorder raises a child, can that child develop the disorder?

Some disorders, like schizophrenia, are generic. Depression is also genetic, but can also be "situational", a response to trauma or environment. However, 2 children raised under the same conditions... Read More »

What mental disorder did Ridgway have?

Gary Ridgway, also known as the Green River killer, display traits of anti-social personality disorder. As a result, he is unable to feel empathy or sympathize with the feelings of others. Ridgway ... Read More »

II'm 16 and i have lots of fears i have a mental disorder?

This is not a sign of mental disorder. these are phobias, and common ones at that.You may grow out of these if you can just ignore your fears and what triggers them, or you can make them worse. The... Read More »

Is compulsive digging a mental disorder?

On One Hand: Compulsive BehaviorCompulsive digging can be indicative of an underlying mental disorder. If someone is constantly obsessing about the digging and then compulsively acting on it he co... Read More »