Is illegal to do illegal drugs and buy prostitutes?

Answer In canada prostitution is legal.keep the **** away from the cops when your on drugs though&& by the way, yes I have shared needles, Heroin isn't a favorite of mine, just a daily thing

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Are legal drugs worst than illegal drugs?

Whats better alchohol or illegal drugs?

If you're 15, stick with the alcohol. It's more refined (in my opinion) and there's less of a chance of, you know, like, dying. Cheaper, too; easy to get your hands on if you have older connections... Read More »

Why do people still take illegal drugs?

Let me clue you in about a myth that is very widely accepted. MANY DRUGS DO NOT FORM CHEMICAL/BODILY ADDICTIONS. Included are > Marijuana, Mushrooms, LSD, Cocaine(not joking), Cocaine gets you add... Read More »

Would you/have you ever tried illegal drugs?

I love smoking weed, I have tried cocaine and its a social drug that goes well with drinks, tried x befrore and I wasn't to impressed like the cocaine I thought it was going to have this huge effec... Read More »