How to Learn Icelandic Grammar?

Answer Icelandic is a North-Germanic language (also known collectively as Scandinavian languages) spoken primarly in Iceland, Norway, Canada, Denmark, and the United States of America. It has retained nea... Read More »

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Native Icelandic Plants?

The country of Iceland is an island in northern Europe once rich with forests. Human settlement and exploitation of the woodland areas has lead to the island developing large barren areas of tundra... Read More »

How to Ride an Icelandic Horse?

Icelandic HorsesLearn how to master an ancient, tough and loving breed of horse. Icelandic horses are a breed that are 1 in a million.

Signs of Worms in Icelandic Sheep?

Icelandic sheep are medium-size bovids and among the oldest species of sheep in the world. They produce excellent wool and milk, making them a popular choice for sheep farmers. Like most mammals, s... Read More »

Do all parents/grandparents who give hideous sweaters for yule have icelandic roots?

Yes, they're all direct descendants of Jólakötturinn.Glæd Geol !!