Is iced tea considered soda?

Answer They are not carbonated , so no.

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Is Brisk's Iced Tea soda?

to me, it's not considered soda unless it's carbonized.

Is iced tea better for you than soda?

Yes.Iced tea is definitely better for you on the grounds that it does not contain nearly as much acid as soda does. Say you drink soda every day...over time, your esophagus will actually begin to c... Read More »

Iced Tea Lemonade Soda Or Water Which you prefer more?

water, it's a zero calorie drink that u can dress up with a slice of lemon

Soda Milk Iced Tea Or Water Which do you like to drink with your dinner?

I'd rather have water. It clears food out of my throat and cleanses it. Iced tea has caffeine. After water, milk. it helps me sleep.